You must Hire a Copywriter for these Important Web Pages

Hire a copywriter for important web pages

Shall you hire a copywriter or a content writer?

Are you planning to hire a content writer at $5 an hour or $10 per page for your landing page?

Stop! Give me a moment.

I will clarify and stop you do something you must not do.

First, you must understand what all pages on your website are intended to bring more customers.

I would say, you must list out all the web pages where you want your readers must move to the next stage in your conversion cycle.

Content Writing vs. Copywriting

Content Writing stands for writing content for any given website page. Yes, since you are in a dynamic world, your content must be informative, unique and meaningful.

The Copywriting, on the other hand, is the way or art of writing the same content which can persuade readers intentions.

When must you hire a Copywriter?

First I want to clarify; conversions do not only indicate purchases or website sales. Here is a dramatic example: An angry customer reading your terms & conditions pages before going to file a suit against you, would become calm if you must have hired an experienced copywriter. Here your conversion goal was to cool down your angry customer. Isn’t It?

You must hire a professional and experienced copywriter for the content for pages which are of most importance.

You will need a copywriter for almost anything where your business exists.

Some of the pages where you must hire a copywriter:

Landing Page

Landing pages are the pages where your would-be customer visits or lands up first while opening your website. The content on this page must be able to clarify the visitor about the goal and the purpose of your site.

If you are selling shoes, the landing page must clearly showcase that this website is meant for shoes.

In modern marketing era, the landing pages tend to show the solutions the visitor is going to get with the business.

Copywriter job on the landing page is to write and curate the content in a manner which hooks your visitor and persuade him or her to browse through more pages or opt-in to your service or buy your product.

Sales page or a Lead Generation Page

Sales pages or Lead Generation Pages are the pages which are object oriented.

Content on the Lead generation page needs to be in a manner which makes your customer feel secure and persuades to share contact details with you.

Hence you must hire a copywriter for this page too.

Contact Us Page

When you are hiring a copywriter for your landing page and sales pages, why not for contact us page. Manier times, a prospect of yours(who knows pretty well about you) suddenly needs your product or service; will just open up your website and click on a contact us button or option from the menu. This contact us page should be able to interact with the person visiting this page.

Terms & Conditions Page

As I said in the earlier portion of this article, hiring a copywriter can be a wise decision when it comes to your customers reading this page. This page on your website shall build trust, in a friendly manner (not in ‘uhhh legal porsico uhh’ manner).

Are all your customers from the legal background? Do all your clients understand legal terms correctly?

3 of my clients are service providers to lawyers across the globe. Except these three, I have served over 140 clients. None of these customers’ has their customer who is from a law background.

In other words: If your client is not able to understand legal terms correctly, the customer will quickly return your goods to avoid future statements from your customer care team ‘it is stated in terms and conditions.’

Here is my another angle. If a copywriter writes content on my terms and conditions page, it must be clear, precise and not contain a legal way of telling. The content on this page must not leave any facts untold. The tone must be such that a common man loves to read, stick to the content, read till the end and is easy to remember.

If all your customers’ knows the terms page entirely and understands it well, the expectations are set to fine. If the client knows what they must expect from you, they will not complain unless it is a damn mistake from your end.

If your copywriter succeeds in curating the terms in a manner I suggest, you will benefit by reduced customer complaints and increased customer appraisals.

Your Blog Post

Your articles or a blog post on your website is written to drive more traffic. Your content on a post is read by a person who is searching for something in Google(or any search engine) and lands on your post.

Your post is intended to answer the reader’s queries and a story is over. Huh?

Well, this is not the way, your post would end up.Your post should

You must write your post in a way which teaches your reader and builds a trust with your reader. This reader must visit your website and contact you when he or she needs a service you are offering as well.

Call to Actions, Pop-Ups, Advertisements

Call to Action is a message or a short content which calls for an action from the reader. In a nutshell, this portion of the page asks your reader to do this or that.

An example of our homepage call to action section where we invite talent to join businesslabs:

Call to action in businesslabs home page

When I say to hire a copywriter for Call to Action, I didn’t mean only the content in the call to action section. You must also ask your copywriter to give the name to your button.

Examples: Get Me In!    OR    Subscribe me  OR    Send me a Free Copy

Check this image for further clarification:

Call to action in businesslabs services page

I am sure, by now, you would have known the need of a copywriter in your business.

Similarly, you need to hire a copywriter for advertisements and the content on the popups on your website. The ads, as well as the popups on your site, does the same work, i.e. conversions. Isn’t it?

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Hey, What would you do next?

I have tried my best to explain the reason why you must be focused more onto conversions. How content in all the relevant web pages helps you convert more.

Do you have any more ideas on what more places a copywriter is needed? Please comment your thoughts below, I would like to know more from you.

If you wish to work with really great copywriters, comment in below or contact us. My team and I will work for your business growth.

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