Best Explainer Video Examples (Updated 12 Best Explainer Videos)

Best Explainer video examples 2017

Best Explainer Video Examples Compiled by Business Labs. This list has some of the great and the best examples of explainer videos. The purpose of this post is to list the 100 best explainer videos made till date.

What is an Explainer Video?

Explainer video is a short pitch. These are online marketing videos made with a purpose to explain your product or service.

Explainer videos can be placed on the following pages:

  • Landing page
  • Website’s home page
  • Product specific page
  • Product know-how page
  • Product support page

Explainer videos have become extremely popular these days. It’s been observed that conversion rates have boosted up to 144% after including an explainer video on their website.

Explainer video is fun to make, it jumpstarts the conversion rates, and are overall great to be part of a marketing arsenal for any size of the business.

The list of best explainer video examples start here

First Explainer video Example in our list – Gigtown

This explainer video shows how a mobile application that helps people find, follow and book musicians.

This video is a perfect explainer video example if you wish to make something with a target audience of music lovers.

ScaleArc iDB – Second in our Explainer Video Example List

An SQL traffic management engine is explained in this cute animation explainer video.

Olark – Third in our Explainer Video Example List

This explainer video examples is of a Customer service tool. This one does a very good job of explaining what they offer and includes a special offer at the end.

PG&E – Fourth in our Explainer Video Example List

An explainer video example for a solar billing service. This video is short and concise.

Wizzki – Fifth in our Explainer Video Example List

This explainer video shows how a platform works well for managing the hiring process.

Explainer video example of Pinterest:

A nice touch is that they explain right up front how long the video will last.

Explainer video of Crazy Egg

This explainer video for Crazy Egg, the heatmap tool that shows why your website visitors aren’t converting, was produced by the folks over at Demo Duck. It’s a nice example of problem/solution animation, along with screen captures of the web app in action.

Explainer video of Spotify

When Spotify “landed in the U.S.”, they released a great intro video to promote their music app. Best of all, it has no voiceover, just a great soundtrack and fun visuals!

Explainer video of Groupon

The Groupon animated explainer video comes from our fellow Chicagoan Brad Chmielewski. Brad proves that you can explain anything in 30-seconds.

Explainer Video of Airbnb

Produced by the talented and creative Adam Lisagor, this live action startup video is an inspiring combination of live video and motion graphics. Make sure to check out the rest of work at Sandwich Video!

Explainer Video of Mint

From my experience, this overview video is one of the most referenced explainer videos of all-time. It was created by Nate Whitson and the talented crew at Picturelab.

Explainer Video of Dollar Shave Club

You’ve probably seen it by now, but this edgy viral video came out in March and already has close to 5 million views, skyrocketing Dollar Shave Club to near-overnight startup stardom. According to Michael Dubin, the founder and star of the video, the spot only cost $4,500 to produce.

Watch the above explainer video examples and you will certainly find that there is much more which goes in making of this simple 30 seconds to 2minutes videos. We shall keep this list of best explainer video examples updated. We will research across the internet and will keep adding more into this list of explainer video examples.

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