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Join the Experts Clan.

Show your verified profile to highly targetted traffic. Get more Leads. Get much better clients.

Why hundreds of experts joined this Clan?

Reason 1: You get higher visibility. Near to Zero Competition.

The maximum number of verified profiles for any skill or expertise  in one city is much lessor than compared to thousands of competing freelancers and agencies in any freelance marketplace.

An example: If your expertise is into WordPress, the page showcasing “Best WordPress Developers in [your city]” will have only 20 or 30 verified profiles.

Reason 2: Get Direct Leads. No Bid Wars.

Clients land on our pages while searching for best of the best “[skill you have / service you are offering]” and Google is known to show the local results first. When the clients lands on our web page to find the required expert, the client sees your name on our listing page and contacts you directly. You reply to your customer’s queries, send an invoice, collect payments directly. There is no bidding war, anywhere in our platform.

Reason 3: Keep 100% of what your client pays. No 10% or 20% haircut.

You collect the payments from your clients direct to your PayPal or your bank. Sell your service for $100 or $100k; all is yours.

Any freelancer earning only $500 a month($6000 a year) also pays an average of 20% towards the marketplace fee in freelancing bidding portals. It costs around $1200 a year which you are currently paying to any freelance marketplace unknowingly, which you need not pay us.

Earn $200 or $100k a year(or more); all is yours. Joining this clan will be 100% the right decision.

Reason 4: Client trusts us more than any freelance marketplace.

You would have seen a majority of the marketplace allows anyone to create a free profile. Anyone, even a non-competent person creates an account and starts trying its luck. On the marketplace, freelancers bids on every damn project irrespective of whether the delivery of the project is possible or not with high quality. It only happens due to the bidding person doesn’t have any risk at the end. Even if the project is not delivered, the worst which can happen is clients’ escrowed money is paid back to the client, and the bidding freelancer doesn’t earn or loose anything.

We charge a nominal fee for verification and listing on our website. It ensures our clients that chances of a time passer listing its profile here reduce to nearly zero.

Reason 5: Scaleup your visibility to get clients. Bring down your visibility when you are flooded with projects.

Do you wish to show your verified profile in your city. Get it featured in your state or the country; or even to the global setting to get more good leads faster?


You have few good leads and started working on couple of projects. Do you wish to decrease your advertisement, degrade your plan and save your budgets?


You have finished your projects or it is near delivery. Would you like to again scale up your plans and start getting leads again.


Reason 6: You learn to Get More Clients, Better Paying Clients.

The membership in our Silver, Gold and Platinum Plans gives you access to our training programs and content which is going to help you get hands on know-how to get more clients.



Reason 7: 100% Refund Guaranteed. No Questions Asked.

If you still are not 100% convinced, here is a 100% refund guarantee for you. If you wish to delete your name from our website within first 60days (for whatsoever the reason), we will delete your listing and will refund your 100%.

Note: We refund the payments only for Basic and Silver Packages. It is understood that you opt for the Gold and Platinum plan only when you are convinced. Gold and Platinum Plans are not considered for refund guarantee. Gold and Platinum Plans comes with monthly payments with no long-term contracts. Hence you always have the option to downgrade it or stop completely and you don’t pay for further months. To downgrade or upgrade, you need to send an email to sales(at)businesslabs(dot)org.

Can I Join this Clan?

If you or your agency is one from the below than yes, you should join this clan.

Software Design & Development or Website Design & Development

Web Designers

Website Developers

WordPress Developers

Django Developers

Sales Force Developers

Laravel Devs

CakePhp Developers

Zend Developers

WooCommerce Developers

Magento Developers

Ruby on Rails Experts / Rails Developers

PhP Devs

CodeIgniter Experts

Phython Devs

Django Devs

Perl Developers

Mobile Applications Design & Development

Android Mobile Applications

IOS Mobile Applications

Choose your perfect plan

Choose any plan you feel right for you. Upgrade or downgrade anytime, any number of times.


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