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We will wait for you on the “Webinar 3: Sneak Preview of Rank and Rent Sites

Scheduled for: 26th May 2018, Saturday at  8pm.

Please go through the details below to learn what all we will get covered. In gist we will cover making of site structure to ranking ideology to content and getting $$$$ worth revenue making sites. Plus all your questions addressed.

We will try our best to help you briefing as much as possible on rank and rent sites.

Here are some quick pointers we will be discussing:

Saturday – May, 26′ 2018

Discuss the Site Architecture

We will discuss all the important pages you must have on your site and interlink them making a perfect silo. A good architecture will give an immediate boost to your website in search engine rankings.

Brainstorming Concept

There are four different types of Rank and Rent Sites. We will discuss which one you will choose depending on your resource. We will do a brief brainstorming on niches, type of site and how to monetize.

Show you 3 to 4 real site examples

We will show you real site examples to demonstrate what it takes to create a successful rank and rent site. We will also share practical tips on how to get quickly started on each type of with minimum investment of time and effort.

Show you how we plan the content

We will show our complete content strategy for Rank and Rent sites. We will share with you some secret tips that will speed up your content creation process.

Ideology on the SEO for such websites

We will share with you SEO techniques which work 100% for Rank and Rent sites. It’s simple, easy to implement and scalable.



Show you a practical to-follow path to $1k+ Monthly

At the end of the session, you will have a 100% working formula for creating Rank and Rent site that will help you create  $1K+ Month. Note that it takes time to achieve the goal, your regular efforts and following your principles will get you there.

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