Learn from these 10 Conversion Rate Optimization Experts

10 conversion rate optimization experts

Advice from these 10 Conversion Rate Optimization Experts compiled today.

There is nothing as daunting and unnerving to a marketer than optimizing the website or landing pages for better conversion rates. For instance, you may have a life-changing presentation, and you find a stubborn little piece of food stuck to your teeth; this can be daunting. Your friend, who literally “copy-pasted” your answer sheets, gets better marks than you; that is unnerving too.

However, I know, nothing can break your heart like lower conversion rates on your website even after you spent a lot of time and money bringing traffic to your site. There is a constant in-flow of traffic, yet all those views amount to no monetary benefit. Whose shoulder do you cry on then?

You might have the perfect website. You must have made some splendid marketing choices to have such a high traffic. But, how do you convert those visitors into customers?

Look no further. I bring the best tips and tricks from conversion rate optimization experts to you. I have collected insights of renowned experts from all over the place. These are bound to strengthen your marketing tactics.


Never Start A Marketing Campaign Without A Dedicated Landing Page

Copy directs the design, not the other way around. Every page of a website has a purpose. When you run a marketing campaign, you need to make a well-planned and well-executed landing page. When you tailor your design around a pre-planned landing page, you message reaches across and is received better. Write your campaign copy, then create an experience to communicate it visually.

Expert Advice By Oli Gardner, Co-Founder at Unbounce.

2) Improve Time on Page

Flashy, clickbaity ads might not work for your campaign if these ads are not in sync with the headline of your landing page. Readers feel tricked, and they do not go on to read the entire content on your page. It is one of the biggest opportunities that marketers might not know about human psychology.

Make your ads in sync with your landing page design. It is often one of the most significant ways to reduce bounce rate, improve time on page and ultimately, improve conversion.

Expert Advice by: Ryan Engley, Director of Customer Success of Unbounce.

3) Use Your Customer’s Words for Effective Product Marketing

This is Joanna Weibe’s best copywriting hack of mining Amazon customer reviews for copy, and I go back to it every time I market a product. You can use your customers’ words directly to speak to more customers; this is such a powerful tool. I often use this technique when we launch new features in the product — I’ll go back to old community posts from customers initially describing their problems and extract quotes to use in the start messaging.

Expert Advice by: Carter Gilchrist, Co-Founder at Unbounce.

4) No More, No Less

We like to think of our emails the same way we do about landing pages- one purpose, one e-mail. That is why we try to provide enough information that someone would need to click the call-to-action. We should walk in our customer’s shoes;  I am sensitive to long emails hitting my inbox, so I imagine our subscribers are, too.

Expert Advice by: Georgiana Laudi, VP of Marketing at Unbounce.

5) Start This Way

The process is simple, and if you determine your objectives at the start point itself, it gets easier.

So, we always start out by asking ourselves a few questions:

  1. The content targets what type of readers? What kind of marketer are they? Where do we fit into our customer lifecycle?
  2. What problem is the content solving? How will this help create better marketing experiences?
  3. What marketing goal are we trying to achieve? What’s the call-to-action?

Expert Advice by: Dan J. Levy, Content Strategist at Unbounce.

All these Unbounce maestros conducted an AMA( Ask Me Anything), and they answered 177 queries regarding conversion rate optimization that you must read.

6) Make Them Take Swift Action

Buyers have the ability to say “I’ll wait to buy/try this.” This creates a barrier.

To bring down such obstacles, instill a sense of urgency, like- “buy item\service A in the next 24 hours to avail item\service B for free”.

Expert Advice by: Rob Carpenter.

7) Come Up With New, Innovative Conversion Rate Optimization Tactics

Becoming a market leader means getting ahead of the pack. For that, you’ll need to find new and creative ways to boost your conversion rates. You’ll acquire more customers and increase your revenues.

Expert Advice by: Rob Carpenter.

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8) The Power of Results, Images, Customization and Navigation Bars

Results – you want results, and your visitors want to see proof of your results. Test adding the case studies and the testimonials as they can help prove your results to visitors.

Customize the user experience– the best call-to-actions are not the standard ones like “free trial” or “buy now”; they need to be related to your product and service.

Images– a picture is worth 1,000 conversions. The Highrise can boost conversion rate by including pictures of people. They also found that certain kind of images increases conversion rates on a different level altogether.

Navigation Bars– it is not always wise to give people navigational menu options. Removing them can potentially increase your sales.

Expert Advice by: Neil Patel, Founder of Crazy Egg and Hello Bar.

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9) Data is the winner!

Everyone who has a website is running an ad or is executing an email campaign with a vision to increase customers. Moreover, the sole intention is to get customers. The winners have one advantage: they are using more information for their day to day decisions. It is of advantage. This data is talking to lots of customers and noticing patterns; it is watching lots more customers through analytics. It is doing a test to see if an idea is good for the business.  So, how much data did you generate today?

Expert Advice by: Brian Massey, Conversion Scientist at Conversion Sciences LLC.

10) Ferris the Ferret!

People who shop online don’t have a great attention span and tend to skim and scan pages for cues to move forward. If you want their attention, do not try to take them where you want them to go. Create a new persona, call him Ferris the Ferret.

Expert Advice by: Keith Hagen, Co-Founder & Vice President Conversion at Conversion IQ8.

11) The Thank You page

The Thank You/Receipt page is easily one of the most ignored of pages. The customer is excited when they purchase a product, take advantage of this. Another major perk for testing Receipt page is you are not adding extra friction to the cart.  Get the purchase done, then push for more with dynamically produced content that is relevant to the purchased product.

Expert Advice by: Justin Rondeau, Chief Editor & Testing Evangelist of WhichTestWon.

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To Conclude

However, before you go anywhere, check out the practical and unique suggestions here where I have mentioned few tips basis my experience. These tips can be of help to any businesses in their web design plan.

Now, that the gurus have revealed their secrets, and you have heard it from the horse’s mouth itself- use all these tips towards your benefits!

You can leave a query for me or share a tip or two of your own below in the comments section. If the technicality of it all still overwhelms you, you can let me take care of it.

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