How our Internet Marketing Experts making over $300k for a Client

internet marketing experts

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Today, I would give you a glimpse and a brief wherever possible; to show you what we did with one of our client’s website.

What all the Internet Marketing Experts at Business Labs did to gain over $300k in revenues.

I will try to break down the entire processes. The process our internet marketing experts followed to achieve the big goal. Goal of making INR 20,000,000 in monthly revenues for a client(i.e. $300k)

Take a deep breath, as you are going to read and learn the techniques which worked for us.

How the SEO Experts in the Business Labs’ clan ranked the client’s keywords on the first page of Google.

What all the efforts made by the content marketing experts to get the quality eyeballs.

The whole process we term it as ‘Integrated Internet Marketing’ when we speak to any of our prestigious clients.

Gist on what does the client do

The client is into Financial Services, started up a few years ago. This client gave us this opportunity to work on this project on March-2016. When we did start, revenues were in $20-22k /monthly. The transition on the website was not that good.

In the start, we had the vision to be on the forefoot as a socio-financial advisor. To help the individuals and companies in making better financial decisions.

Who does what in our Team of Internet Marketing Experts

All our Internet Marketing Experts, in 4 teams did execute the whole plan.

Internet Marketing Team has such great experts:

A Team of Expert Copywriters(shared basis) used to produce continuous content. They have an excellent know-how on financial planning and investments. We create content in a way the needy readers consume it. During this phase, we learned that we must hire a copywriter for all these important web pages.

A Team of Content Marketing Experts (shared basis), used to do the competitive analysis for keyword research. These guys used to conduct the competitive analysis with respect to the content. What kind of content the competition is producing, what gets consume and in what context.

An SEO Specialist was placed in this Internet Marketing Team, whose responsibility was to promote the produced content. He ensured the maximum outreach to the needy readers.

This team also has a Social Media Marketing Expert. His job is to promote the content, message, offerings, hard call to actions in social networking platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.

This human resource or pool of talent we hand-picked in our clan makes the complete Internet Marketing Expert Team. This team is ready to serve any medium to large scale Integrated Internet Marketing Campaigns.

What did our Internet Marketing Experts do to achieve $300K Revenue Goal?

Before I proceed, here is a screenshot of Google’s Analytics of 15 days period. You can check out the traffic metrics here:

used to produce continuous content

This industry or business segment has around 0.5% of conversions out of the qualified regular visitor. Nearly 4% of total visitors is qualified, a regular visitor. In that sense, we acquired over 3675 clients over few months. The customer acquisition team helped us to reach $300k in monthly revenues. This team of the client followed up well with the client to buy the service at the earliest.


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Here is what the Internet Marketing Expert Team did:

First, we had an account manager allocated to this client. We call it as a Team Lead – Internet Marketing.

In this setup, all our four experts work under the guidance and report to the Team Lead.

SEO did all the keyword research right inside the Keyword Planner. He also took help of Google Search Data for learning what people is searching in real time. Tools like MOZ Keyword Planner, AHREFS, and Long Tail Pro helped the lot.

Manier times, people overlook this special tool which helped us the lot. It is Microsoft Excel.

SEO Expert and Content Marketing Officer did the competitive analysis with respect to the content produced by the competition. They researched the keywords for which competition is working hard. They compiled everything back to the same excel sheet. This list of Keywords was updated almost on a weekly basis, and our content strategy was taking shape.

How did we get influencers and referrals

Content Marketing Expert used to maintain a conversation among the influencers which were headhunted by the SEO expert. These guys used to keep the thrill on.

Copywriter ideated to hook the audience for a longer time. The content must be able to make to move the reader to the next step in the funnel. She designed the content for our own website blog, own website pages, and email newsletters. She also helped us filling the content requirements for guest posts and even couple of video interviews.

Social Media Guy promoted everything, every single thing in social media to get the maximum interactions possible.

Final Words

Each and every personnel has its equal importance to run the show, to achieve the goals. When we started with the discussions with the client, it was all about finding one good content writer and an SEO expert. With the time as the trust between businesslabs’ team and client grew well; we moved our focus to the integrated channel. Every angle of the internet marketing has been planned and documented. Execution of each plan and the execution steps gets recorded so that it can be looked or referred whenever required. The recordkeeping of actions helped us to improve our next decisions based on the results achieved on past decisions.

Do you have a business that needs more customers? If yes, browse through our services page or directly write few details of your business in this contact us page.


2 thoughts on “How our Internet Marketing Experts making over $300k for a Client

  1. Wow, its called good achievement for client. I am in the same field since more than 9 years. Before 5 years we have achieved $5 only for our one of our client. Unfortunately i am struggling for leading for other clients from 2 years, there must be issue with my strategy. I am looking for and learning new strategy for my further projects.

    1. @nikita, please let me know exactly where are you stuck at? If needed, you can use our contact us page(navigate) through the menu bar of website and write to me. ^YJ

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