Business Labs launches The Web Design Show

business labs launches web design show

Business Labs and (me, personally) am proud to announce today the launch of Web Design Show.

The web design show is a year long brain game, hundreds of hours of fights and discussions, brain-storming among us here at Business Labs.

Business Labs made live a few days ago but announces its official launch today. We have certainly the reasons of this delayed announcement. However, I would be much more interested in showing you what all was going through in backstage.

I will give you the glimpse of the future trends and some planned changes and advancements we would make in WebDesign Show. I will also show you the vision Business Labs has behind the launch of WebDesignShow, its shorter term goals and how this is going to help ‘The WDShow Community’.

What made Business Labs start Web Design Show?

Business Labs began in early 2012 and 2013 and had worked on web design projects. We used to and today too, hire web designers in-house for accomplishing the projects. We also hire talent and experience specific web developers to get the job done.

Today we are lucky enough to get a freelance web designer on just a telephone call, and the project gets to start as early as 24hours. It is only possible today because we have made a network of 40 web designers across technologies including Php, WordPress, ROR and so on.

We created this network of 40 designers. It was not easy. We worked with over 213 web designers, hiring them from freelance marketplaces, on references. When we hired any of these designers, we interviewed over 20 web designers and got one on to the work. Imagine, what could be the pain we suffered when a developer backed out, or absconded or didn’t deliver the expectations. We never went back to the client telling excuses but needed to get it done with some other designer. Same happens to our own website and internal application project management. We delayed in execution manier times.

The clients’ who worked with us faced similar hiring issues several times, and they finally ended up marrying with businesslabs 😉

There are clients they need a web designer and has relatively higher paying ability. They need an expert designer who is good, who is tested not by certificates but by real time projects. A search for a web designer who is not featured only on its own portfolio but by some authority, a third-party, which do not have a bias in recommending a website designer.

What is Web Design Show?

Web Design Show, short and crisp ‘WDShow’ is a showcase website or a blog. Currently, Web Design Show will make a list of best website designs on a regular basis in the form of blog posts. The respective website designer will get the due credit, as you can see on these few posts we made:

First post on Web Design Show

Collection of all recent posts on WDShow

Along with curating the list of best-designed websites we also write tips, tricks, and reviews or tutorials on web design, user experience, WordPress and things goes in making your website better.

Who is going to get the benefit by this act of Business Labs?

  1. Website Designers(all segments – HTML, WordPress, and everything web) who needs better visibility to get better paying clients.
  2. Business Owners who wish to get his website designed or a re-design of a website. Web Design Show will be the one-stop showroom for all the best website designed for inspiration. Business owners can also hire a web designer directly from the showcase post.
  3. Students – Who wish to excel their career in web design.

Hence these three audience forms ‘The WDShow Community.’

How Business Labs and Web Design Show will help the members of ‘The WDShow Community.’

Business labs in the backend, WebDesignShow in front would keep on curating the list of best designs on the internet. In WDShow, we would promote the best web designers.

We also have plans to help students at wide.

Final Words & Invitation

Many things are happening here from last one year. Planning, drafting, scrapping and throwing the discarded papers to the garbage and returning to plan.

There are a lot of things happening again, after initiating

There will be much stuff we would do to make all the splendid web designers get more clients, get better-paying clients and clients get good web designers who do the job right as expected.

I in the personal capacity and Business Labs invites all the web designers in the planet earth to apply in the wdshow’s showcase. Just need to fill this contact us page for now and share your portfolio with us. In case any of your websites stands out, we will let you know the process to get it mentioned. Just a few validations and verifications and we will refer your designed website on our showcase site.

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