Best Copywriters in USA to Help your Business Grow

best copywriters in usa

Are you looking out for some Best Copywriters in USA?

Here we have compiled some of the best copywriters from the USA.

Why does your business need a Copywriter?

When you run a business, a copywriter is inevitable for its growth. You need someone to actually care about your business and writes your marketing materials (your website, your emails and sales copies) until everything is perfect. I mean, the content should sing exactly what you as a business owner wish to communicate to the content consumer, i.e your customers.

It is never easy to find a dedicated copywriter who, in no way related to your business. At the end of the day, you will be sitting in front of a pile of portfolios having not knowing what to do with them. Yes! It is difficult and Business Labs aim is to make this job easier. Here we have compiled a list of some best copywriters in the USA and the task of choosing from this would be definitely easier than the traditional method.

To Understand better here are couple of ours guide which explains why a copywriter is an important soldier in your army of content marketing team and where you need a copywriter.

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Here are the Best Copywriters in USA

We found these best copywriters all over the internet and each of the below copywriters are from USA, are best in their work.

We analyzed each of their works, and have worked with some of them too.

Headshot of Jason - one of the best copywriters in usa

Jason Sheil –  a Freelance Copywriter

Jason is a damn good Copywriter.

Jason helps businesses sell. Products, ideas, movements— you name it. When a company needs to reach their audience, he helps them craft their messaging and does so in the most effective way possible.

Sometimes, that means working with print. You know: brochures, flyers, that kind of thing.

But usually, Jason helps folks online. Digital. The world wide web. This means he spends most of his time writing Facebook ads, landing pages, email—oh boy, does he write a lot of email—and even full-scale, multi-platform, digital campaigns.

He loves it. All of it.

The copywriting world has given him the chance to work with a ridiculous amount of outstanding clients. Everyone from big folks (think Google, BlenderBottle, MaxCDN) and small timers (Boutique ad agencies, Kickstarter pages, and startups).

His only rule when selecting clients is this: be passionate. If you enjoy what you’re doing, if your business is the reason you wake up every morning— count Jason in; he’d be happy to help.

You can reach Jason here.

Kristen Hicks

Kristen, an inhabitant of Austin, is the most sought-after copywriter in the USA. She is a dynamic member of Edcetera, CMI, Growmap and so on. Her clients have always got much more than their expectations from her. She is among the best copywriters in USA. You can know more about her here.

Rachel Weingarten

Rachel, who comes from Brooklyn, NYC, is one of the best copywriters in USA and has penned many books too. She is a freelance content writer and has published many articles in the internet forums. If you wish to interact with her or know more about her, you can reach here.

Kat Leffler

Kat Leffler is one of the most preferred and best copywriters in USA. She has got wonderful feedback from all her clients and they love working with her. She has worked with First Data Corporation, Mutual of Omaha (Financial and banking enterprises) etc. You can know more about her here.

Mark Pescetti

Mark Pescetti is from Ashland, Oregon and does copywriting, sales letters and even writes catchy tag lines.  He is the first choice of his clients. All the testimonials on his website proves him to be one of the best copywriters in USA. You can visit his website here.

Barry A Densa

Barry is from California and has proved to be one of the best copywriters writing today. He is The Ad-Man who will promote your business better than you’d ever expect. He has worked with Max Avenue, Ascendance Group, Vestopia etc. and can be reached here.

Jason Kanigan

Jason is from NC, USA and is a wonderful copywriter. Jason Kanigan is a conversion expert, focusing on a unique perspective on copywriting and sales training for startups through medium-sized companies. If you are having trouble getting potential customers to understand the value of your product or service, speak to Jason. His website is

Olivia Hoang

Olivia, a Northern Californian has written great content and articles. Apart from copywriting, she also writes sales letters, auto responders, direct mail and squeeze pages. You can know more about her here.

Ray Edwards

Ray is from Spokane, WA and has been recognized as perhaps the single best copywriter in USA among his peers. He has worked with Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen who seem to be extremely satisfied with his writing. Apart from copywriting, he also writes about Product Launch Management, Direct Responses etc. He can be reached here.

Karen Callahan

Karen Callahan is from Washington DC and is a renowned best copywriter in USA. She has worked with reputed firms like American Express, America Online, Tiffany and Co and has emerged as one of the best copywriters in the USA. She is also a Rainmaker and Business Development Strategist. She can be contacted here on her website.

Josh Vogt

Josh Vogt is from Denver, CO and has worked as a freelance copywriter in firms such as ActNiel Inc., Elevation Creation. Hexter Consulting and has gained the trust of them. Josh’s clients are extremely satisfied with his work and they work with him on regular basis.  You can know more about him here.

Harry Husted

Harry Husted is a well-known and the best copywriter in USA, and an e-book writer from NYC, NY. With wonderful copywriting skills, he has never failed to impress his clients. One may contact Harry here.

Susan Fox

Susan Fox is from Ohio and she tops the list of best copywriters in the USA. She has an impressive collection of her samples which can be viewed on her website here.

Joseph Ratliff

Joseph is from Washington and is a direct response best copywriter in USA for marketing companies, publishers, chiropractors, and other clients .He has showcased his samples on his website and they are great. He has been featured on ”Fast Company Magazine’s Most Influential People”. Here is a website of Joseph.

Halona Black

Halona Black is from Orlando, FL and a great copywriter in the USA. She is the proud author of the amazon bestseller “Business Owner’s Smart & Simple Series”, which has got huge positive feedback from the readers. Her website is here.

It’s high time that you choose someone who gives what you expect and can attract customers. Your business grows when your customers see what they like and that can be made possible with the above-mentioned copywriters in the USA. Your business deserves the best and nothing else. So, go for the writers who will help to burgeon your business.

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